Pharr Does Fall: 7 RV Tips for Your Fall Camping Trips

Heat can be neat, but man… this breeze is hard to beat! Looking for a way to celebrate summer’s end? Consider this your sign that you deserve that extra time off to go on awesome, much-needed fall camping trips.

Have a destination in mind? Got it all routed in your preferred maps app? Made all of your campsite reservations?

It’s time to pack.

And if it’s been a while since your family’s last outing, you might likely miss a couple of things in the chaos. Quickly scan these reminders to make sure all of your fall camping trips go off without a broken hitch.

  1. Lubricate every seal that you can think of to prevent water and cold from getting in. That could include doors, windows, roof hatches, and any other access points that you can think of on your particular model.
  2. Check all tires and brakes for wear or damage. If there’s one thing that road tripping in the cold is known for, it certainly is NOT predictable weather. Your RV will be your home for the next couple of weeks, so make sure that its foundation can handle whatever the road and your campsites throw at it.
  3. You packed every piece of your warm wardrobe that you could think of, but how cozy is the inside of your RV? It might be helpful to install heavier window curtains, thick rugs, and/or carpet and insulated floorboards. When the temp drops, it drops fast. Make sure that bundling up is not in vain.
  4. Forgo some of the unnecessary stuff that might normally make the cut for summer trips to make some room for some extra warm items such as blankets and coats. Even if you think you’ve bulked up enough, it always helps to have some backup just in case.
  5. Revisit your RV model’s heating and water system maintenance guidelines. The last thing that you need in the coming months is a faulty heater, and no one can afford to lose water.
  6. Double-check your route for weather and stay on top of it even after you’ve left your driveway. We don’t want you committing to a road only for you to get stuck or for the weather to prevent you from turning back.
  7. Bring your RV in for a second look by the pros. We might be able to catch something or think of a step that maybe you might have missed! We’ve been helping families make new memories for generations, whether with brand new RVs or friendly, professional service and repairs for their current one. Just click the button below, schedule service with our team, and we’ll take it from there.
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