RV Financing with Pharr RVs

Buying a new (or “new to you”) RV is one of the best buys that any travel lover can make for a variety of reasons. And if you’ve decided that it’s an investment that’s right for you, then it’s important to us that your dream RV is as attainable as possible, as fast as possible.

There’s lots of road to see, and RV financing with the Pharr RVs Financing Department is designed to help get you there ASAP.

RV Financing Features

The Pharr RVs Financing Department offers financing for new and used campers and RVs, parts and accessories, extended service plans, and everything else that you might need to make your new RV ownership experience fun, rewarding, and as painless as possible with one doable monthly payment. Our RV financing options come with competitive rates and terms for up to 20 years and are made complete with warranties that are designed to help you protect your new home for as long as possible.

An Enthusiast’s Experience

Our knowledgeable team is filled to the brim with dedicated RV enthusiasts, so we understand the excitement and anticipation of buying a new RV more than most. And for that reason, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that your process is as smooth as possible so you can get past the boring stuff and on to what matters the most: making memories.

Whether it’s financing your purchase, protecting your investment, or determining the best way to finalize the sale, Pharr RVs can help you through the entire closing process, and then some.

Online Application Process

It helps to know what you’re up against in terms of monthly RV payments, so we offer online pre-approval for all of our new potential customers. And to make the process even more painless, we do so without asking for your DOB or SSN or impacting your credit score.

We don’t want you to keep the road waiting any longer than it already has been. Click below to apply for RV financing online, and we’ll get in touch with you about your possible options!

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