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Pharr RV Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about RV finance and warranty below. Use our contact form to ask a question that isn't here!

When Is The Best Time To Purchase A Service Contract?

Usually the best time to purchase a vehicle service contract (VSC) is when you purchase the RV. At the time of purchase, you may include the service contract into your financing for just a few dollars more per month. Plus, the service contract is less expensive the sooner you purchase it.

Will I Be Double Covered While The Manufacture Warranty Is In Effect?

No. On a new RV, the manufacture warranty takes precedence. The VSC is discounted to adjust for the manufacture warranty. Although, some coverages will start immediately such as paying for a service call, trip interruption, roadside assistance, and lockout service just to name a few.

Is It A Bumper-to-bumper Coverage?

No, there is no such thing as a bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage on RVs. All warranties have limitations and exclusions. The warranty covers mechanical breakdown on appliances and components that operate the RV. Routine maintenance, cosmetic damage, and normal wear and tear is never covered under any VSC.

Can I Buy A Vsc Online For Less Money?

You can probably find a service contract online that appears to be cheaper. BEWARE, only a dealership can sell a policy that locks in a premium for the term of the contract. Online VSC works similar to physical damage insurance, meaning if you have any claims, they have the right to raise your premium until it is too expensive to keep.

Where Do I Get Warranty Work Done?

The coverage is nationwide. You should go back to your selling dealership for service when possible. If is not possible to return to the selling dealership, anybody that is qualified can do the work.

Why Would I Finance If I Could Pay Cash?

They are some tax advantages for financing an RV for most people. Most are able to deduct the sales tax and interest from their taxes. Check with your accountant for the deduction that will benefit you the most.

What Is The Difference Between The Dealership's Banks And My Credit Union?

Credit unions are a great source of banking. However, they usually cannot give the same kind of terms you need to stay at a desired payment. Additionally, the RV may not be the only collateral on the loan; some banks and credit unions will tie your existing accounts, CDs, and other investments to the loan as collateral until the note is paid in full. Our banks only hold the RV title as collateral.

Will My Payment Ever Go Up?

No. Once the loan papers are signed, your payment and interest rate are locked in until the loan is satisfied. All rates are fixed, and all loans are simple interest. Also, there are no early-payoff penalties.

Do I Really Need Fabric And Paint Protection?

If you plan to use your RV, it is a good idea. The fabric and paint protection helps keep your investment looking new. Even if it is 100% functional, most of us want an RV that looks like new. You will appreciate your investment when it is time to sell or trade your RV.